Helping women over the age of 40 who have experienced burnout and wish to reclaim BALANCE!

You're feeling overwhelmed at work.
You are having a hard time balancing work life and personal life.
You feel guilty when you try to take time for yourself to be happy and positive.

You've lost your mojo!
Mundane things are beginning to feel like a lot of work.

If this sounds like you, then you are in the right place!

I will help you find BALANCE in your professional and personal life.
You will understand what has been holding you back and how to get out of this vicious circle.

You will be able to focus on yourself without guilt and take back the power of your body.

Build your new identity which is aligned with who you really are.

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How to Live Without Anxiety




My Name is Sarah Edwards. I’m the Positive & Happiness Coach. I’m the founder of Destiny Tuning which was founded to allow you to create the future you desire. I am British and I live in the south of France. I’m a certified Coach. Although I have been through cancer 3 times, each time I have …


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Design Your Life

In 3 months you will learn how to have a stronger body, health and mindset.

This will help with objectives concerning weight loss, burn out and stress management.

It's important to understand what has been holding you back from reaching your full potential and recognizing your negative patten, only then will you be able to go forward

In your 3 month contract with me, you will cover the following:

​Learn how to have a stronger body and stronger health by removing the stress from work and everyday life

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Design Your Life

How to be Happy and Positive in 5 Days

Do you feel sluggish and in need of change?
Do you feel overweight?
Online program
Do you feel stressed and overwhelmed

In just 5 days you will learn how to optimize your mental, physical and emotional wellbeing by working on your mindset
You will learn how to listen to your body
You will learn how to rid yourself of repetitive vicious cycles

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How to be Happy and Positive in 5 Days


Have you ever felt that other people manage to reach their full potential but not you?

Have you tried to meditate but just found yourself falling asleep?

Have you read Abraham Hicks books and still not heard the 'voice' talking to you?

10 Meditations to heal your mindset

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