My Name is Sarah Edwards aka Sas.

I'm the founder of Destiny Tuning which was founded to allow you to create the future you desire.

I am British however I live in the south of France.

I'm a certified Wellness Coach.

Although I have been through cancer 3 times, each time I have learned a powerful message from my body

I have  understood how stress in the workplace can block you from reaching your potential and create overwhelm.

I'm a Wellness Coach.

I help you overcome stress and overwhelm by helping you understand the message your body is sending you and create the mindset to obtain reachable steps.

I use my 3 Step approach:

  • Mind
  • Body
  • Soul

What you put into your mind and body will impact the person you are becoming.

I will show you how eating correctly, doing simple exercises and mindset activities can create balance between work life and professional life.

I am the host of a podcast called Real Health Talk where I interview health professionals on tips on how to be healthy.