Wouldn’t it be great if you had the recipe to feeling better without help from drugs?

There is a clear link between healthy thinking and how you feel.
You have to begin with a daily ritual from the moment you awake (or even before).
A ritual has nothing to do with religion, it’s just a routine that you abide by. You probably have one
already which is not beneficial; ie. wake-up, check instagram, see what you missed on snapchat..

How you get out of bed will affect your whole day. It’s important to get out of the right side of bed.
When you feel yourself waking up, even before opening your eyes and snapping into conscious,
try to remember your dream. The dreams are part of your subconscious giving you a message.
Remember what you were doing, who was with you and how you felt. Slowly, breathe-in to keep the positive energy with you and open your eyes.

Stretch! Begin by noticing the sounds that you don’t normally hear like the birds or the wind.
Stretch again but this time like a cat who has its front paws stretched in front and his behind
slightly raised. Then with your hands and knees on the bed, pull your back up as far as it can

Then do a meditation, you don’t need to sit with your legs crossed if you don’t want. You can sit on the side of the bed with your feet on the ground.
The meditation needn’t be too long, especially if you are not used to it. Just concentrate on each
member of your body and really feel it.
This connection will put you in the right mindset for your day.
During the day, if you need to reconnect, just sit upright and breathe-in and out whilst letting go of
any tension. Feel each part of your body abandon whilst breathing.
You can even do this during a meeting.

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