How to Relieve Stress Quickly

Are you sick and tired of stress? Are you looking for a way to relieve your stress and overwhelm?

It is very interesting because there are so many of us that we don't realize how much we have in common just trying to get by and deal with stress. 


How do you feel when you see a beautiful stunning sunset? When you are by the sea you are sitting down and it is the end of the day and you see the sun setting how do you feel?

What is what goes for your mind do you feel anger? Do you feel hatred against the law against government? 

I'm sure you feel peaceful and you feel relaxed.

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There is something that we have in common all of us when we look at a sunset right.


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Let's take for example the stars, what about when you look up at the stars when it is a very clear night when there are not many street lights and you can see the stars twinkling up above you, you feel that you are not alone and you see that beauty. 

I love the stars I love astronomy, I find it mind-blowing.

How do you feel in your body relaxed

A Baby

Think of a newborn baby. Now, you can be the most aggressive person in this world you could be an arrogant badass you could be someone who looks tough with all with all the tattoos and piercings a bit of a cliche here and yet when you see a little newborn baby what happens ah you melt all of us have this there is somewhere inside us where we just melt and say oh isn't that just beautiful and we become that little gaga person again.

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A Bride

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The same when you look at a stunning, blushing bride someone you don't know. You are walking down the street and you see a blushing bride and the groom taking photos and you think how beautiful is that.

It goes somewhere in your body where you feel love you feel relaxed.


What about fireworks, when you are really mad or you have had a bad day, then suddenly you look up at fireworks you think wow how beautiful is that we love beauty and this makes us feel relaxed

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So each time you feel stressed and overwhelmed, instead of procrastinating, look at that baby picture that someone sent you, or look up at the stars and feel yourself relax.

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