Once in a while, we have been guilty of procrastination.

It is interesting to see the definition that google gives: 

The action of delaying or postponing





Dilly dallying

Procrastination goes back a long way.

Before trying to stop procrastinating, it’s important to understand WHY we procrastinate.

Why do we put things off until the last minute at work? Some say they work better under pressure and do everything at the last minute.

I used to work like that, but that is a lot of stress to put the body and mind through.

Whereas when you set things out clearly and get things done, you don’t need any unnecessary stress.

So why do you procrastinate? What stops you from deciding that you have got to do something. How to Stop procrastination?

First of all, the foundation for everything we do is always going to be WHY!

Find your WHY. What is the underlying purpose of putting off until tomorrow.

Find out what is behind not wanting to get things done, even if they are nice things.

The idea of just getting off the sofa to do something can cause procrastination.

Before you push through, ask yourself WHY you want to do this or WHY you don’t want to do it.

The WHY will always come before the HOW.

Once you’ve got your WHY, then you DECIDE.

“This is what I have decided to do.”

Write down your list of things to do.

The brain likes to tick boxes, so if you leave an empty box on a sheet of paper of a list of things to do, then the brain will want to fill in this box.

So write it down.

I have a list of videos to film, and that pushes me to do them because I’ve written them down.

First of all, WHY, DECIDE, SET UP the date, title.

On my desktop, I have empty files with titles. So when my brain sees this, it wants to fill in these files.

The last step is DO.

Do it!

It’s so rewarding to finish what you set out to do.

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