Do you sometimes get the impression that everything you set out to do, goes wrong?

Even before you start, you know that something will go wrong.

And as a result, you don’t go forward nor make plans because there’s no point.

What if you just did something very quickly without thinking, how would that change the odds to get ahead of the brain?

In fact, staying in THOUGHT mode is a blocking point. The brain triggers the emotions and when you feel that something will go wrong, well that’s exactly what will happen.

You might even think that someone up there doesn’t want you to succeed, but the truth is, you yourself are self sabotaging with your THOUGHTS which trigger FEELINGS.

Taking back the power of your thoughts and feelings is a first step and very empowering.

Try this technique

Close your eyes, and feel that warmth inside your body, put your hand on your heat and feel it beating. Think of a place which makes you feel amazing and allows you to thrive. Think of a time when you succeeded at something, something that made you proud of yourself.

Feel your body relax as the stress releases.You’re smiling.

Appreciate how it feels to do something outside of your comfort zone and succeed at doing it or obtaining what you want from it.

Stand tall with your shoulders back because you did that and guess what, you deserve it!

Remember that feeling each time you get that urge to self sabotage.

One of the saddest things in life is getting to the end and looking back with regret of the things you could have done.

Your life is yours, nobody else’s. Choose today what you want to do and don’t let anyone talk you down from it. They are dream stealers.

Ask yourself, “Do I want to be like everyone else or do I want to be like me?”

“Who do I want to become?”

Where you are depends on who you were, but were you go depends on who you choose to become now!

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