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Fear begets Fear. If you fear it, it will come. You attract what you fear the most, because this is where your energy is vibrating. I am Sarah Edwards and this is my story. Right now I have an amazing life in the beautiful city of Toulouse, France. But I grew up in London, England.

When I was small, like any kid, my biggest fear was losing my mum. The fear didn’t go away. It just got deeper, as if death was following me. As I got older I came to hate life because I never got to know it. I never stopped being that scared child, just in an adult’s body.

I help you overcome the fear of cancer and raise your vibration so you can focus on life not death.

So when I was diagnosed with myeloma at the age of 40, my first thought was “I knew it! “. I always knew I would die of cancer. 

Before I got the first diagnosis I remember my doctor playing with his wedding ring. I didn’t want him to tell me, but he did. I felt I was floating. I called my sister and started to cry. I said  “I hate Dad”.  Because somehow I felt he gave this to me. He had died from the same thing. I was attracting hatred into my veins.

I had a second test. Biopsy to see if it was malignant. Different doctor. More bad news. Now I felt sick. Too many thoughts racing through my head.  “What am I going to tell my son? Why can’t this just be over right now?”

I was sent to a psychologist. That was terrible. He was like a ghost. Poor man. He should definitely get another job.

Next. Radiotherapy. And… It didn’t work.

Another doctor. The Nutty Doctor. Good news. You are young enough for chemo. Bad news. Your hair is going to fall out. Another one of my fears about to happen. All those years of trying to straighten my hair, I was now going to lose it!

My mum came over from London to be with me. I told my hairdresser to cut off all my hair before I started the treatment. He did. He said I looked beautiful. This time it was my mum who cried.

Next. Injections followed by immediate vomiting.


I had decided that this wasn’t my time. Vomiting? Bring it on ! I can put up with it.

Then, 7 days in a sterile room. Not allowed to leave. Windows locked. Suffocating. A medical prison. I created my routine. Breakfast, shower. GET DRESSED. I am not a patient. Actually the nurse had said a minimum of 7, but I had heard 7. 

I asked for an exercise bike. 20 minutes a day. Planning my escape. I raised the height of my bed. Nearer the ceiling. Further from the machines. Closer to heaven. All I could see was the sky.

I left “aplasia” after 7 days. By brain had already decided. The nurses came in together to tell me the good news. They said I was exceptionally lucky. I was. Because I had discovered and tested the power of a POSITIVE MINDSET.

I promised life and myself that I would live a positive life. That’s when I became a life coach. So now I know this.

What’s important to remember is, it’s not your fault! Even if you’ve nurtured hatred and fear, it’s still not your fault! None of this is happening to you because you have done something wrong or because you are a bad person. 

No one deserves cancer, not even your worst enemy. You wouldn’t wish it upon anyone! 

And yet, the truth is, you learn so much about life once you are faced with death.

What helped me rise above? I realized that there’s something even more important that we all need to know and to use immediately.

Living a Positive Life! Power Begets Power

Life changed me, not death.

It’s as if someone removed the wool from my eyes and I could finally see. The brain has this magical technique, that whatever belief you feed it, it will make your body adapt to it. Meaning, if you tell it you love it and you are alive, it will just switch into a ‘living’ mode and not a resistance mode.

This was so valuable or me to learn, as it allowed me, not only to rise above myeloma, but to start living my life!

Don't Fear Cancer - Love Life Instead 

Cancer was my biggest fear. The second biggest? Telling my story ! Now I have overcome that too. So today I want to make sure you hear how you can overcome the fear of cancer and rise above it and  live the life you deserve. 

I am Sarah Edwards and I help you take back the power of your body.