3 months of 1:1 coaching with Sarah Edwards.
Learn how to have a stronger body and be happy.

In 3 months  you will learn how to have a stronger body, health and mindset.

It's important to understand what has been holding you back from reaching your full potential and recognizing your negative patten, only then will you be able to go forward

In your 3 month contract with me, you will cover the following:

1st Month

Finding the trigger

Recognizing negative pattern

Create reachable objectives

How to nourish your body

2nd Month

How to nourish your mindset

How to take back the control of your body


Transformation into new self

3rd Month

How to get active

How to own your new identity 

How to make your new identity automatic 

Looking back at how far you have come

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Do you feel sluggish and in need of change?

Do you feel overweight?

Do you feel stressed and overwhelmed?

Online Program
In just 5 days you will learn how to optimize your health through mindful activities

You will learn how to listen to your body correctly 

You will learn how to rid yourself of repetitive colds and allergies

1st Month

Create awareness of how you've been sabotaging your body 

Create a new identity

Understand the negative  pattern

Learn how to remove toxicity from your life

2nd Month

Formula to Happiness

Forgive your inner child

Breaking the pattern from childhood

Healing relationships

3rd Month

Freeing your fears

Learn the tips of how to feed your mindset

Learn every day habits to keep you successful

Learn the role of  Meditation 

Have you ever felt that other people manage to reach their full potential but not you?

Have you tried to meditate but just found yourself falling asleep?

Have you read Abraham Hicks books and still not heard the 'voice' talking to you?

Things are about to change for you with these meditations

10 pre recorded meditations
10 Meditations to heal your mindset

You will have unlimited access to 10 meditations to heal your mind body and soul


Learn how to meditate

Improve your mindset

Improve your energy

Improve your weight


Improve your knees

Harmonize your heart

Improve your feet


Clear your throat chakra

Improve your hips

Clear what's blocking your womb

Sooth your back-pain