90 Day Transformation

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$ 250

Are you regularly physically and emotionally exhausted? 

Do you feel a lack of energy and/or have trouble sleeping?

Do you worry excessively?

Feel more edgy?

Feel sad or hopeless?

Are you feeling overwhelmed with work and at a crossroad in your life?

If you answered YES above, then this 1:1 COACHING is for you.

Enjoy your personalized program on how to have a stronger body, a stronger mind, remove the excess stress and have a stronger health working with Destiny Tuning.

12  Individual Coaching Sessions

  • Learn how to free yourself from guilt 
  • Understanding how to balance your professional and personal life
  • Increase your confidence to stand up for what you want
  • Learn the true essence of happiness
  • Understand what's been holding you back
worry less no stress

1st Month

Finding the trigger of stress

Recognizing negative overwhelm pattern

Create reachable objectives

How to nourish your body

2nd Month

How to nourish your mindset

How to take back the control of your body


Transformation into new self without stress

3rd Month

How to get active

How to own your new identity 

How to make your new identity automatic 

Looking back at how far you have come

Investment from

$ 250