People often make the mistake that juicing will result in you consuming too much sugar from fruit (fructose).
But for me juicing means juicing vegetables (and even those you might never normally eat).

Let's see how it works and find out about its health benefits. But first a word of warning. If you just want to lose weight, you must consider the following:

Before losing weight, you need to focus on being healthy. CHANGE YOUR WAY OF THINKING because  losing weight is more about feeding your body what it needs.

Your body is a machine which needs fuel to survive. 

This is food. You need to focus on each part of the body and while you are eating food, feel it feeding this part of the body. This is what is called ‘MINDFUL’ eating. It’s conscious eating. It’s important to connect with our body when you eat.

It’s not just eating, it’s your mindset while you are eating. If you hate what you are eating, your body will refuse it, if you love it and think it’s good for your body, your body will accept it and it will benefit your body. Think of a car, if you put petrol in a diesel car, what will happen? It will break the engine.

If you put the wrong fuel in your body, you will slow down your body functions, and it will gradually stop.

Your Diet And Your Cancer

I would never have thought that there was a connection to the food I put into my body and cancer.

After my chemo, my blood tests showed that the abnormal blood count started to increase again and the doctors came to a conclusion that the chemo didn’t work as I was back to square one.

It’s not until I was introduced to juicing that the cancer started to go down. It left the doctors baffled and asking me what I had changed. One doctor even asked for the recipes.

It’s important to know that the body has a natural detoxifying system by use of their perfect organs. But if you put a restrainer on those organs, they won’t be able to do their job. (By restrainer, I mean bad foods.). Thus juicing allows you to remove whatever is preventing your organs from doing their job. Removing all the bad refined products.

Eat What You Need

For so many years, we’ve been taught what we must eat, but no one teaches you what your body actually needs.

Your body has been fed all sorts of refined foods and processed food. This can lead to a leaky gut syndrome and thus obstructing the natural process of detoxifying.

Did you know that fiber does not get through the intestinal walls?

Only when you extract the juice from the soluble fiber will your body be able to digest it.

This is why juicing is important if your body needs help getting rid of all the bad food that you have given it over the years. See it like ‘getting the oil of your car changed’. Soluble fiber helps to lift the waste from the colon as it allows to move along to the gut. Fiber contains juice, this is what we get access to when we juice.  It contains carbon hydrogen, oxygen which are ‘carbohydrates’.

It seems that my body needed some EARTHFOOD to get back to defending itself. Think of it logically, you come from the earth, so the food from the earth is there to serve your body. And get this, THERE ARE NO SIDE AFFECTS!!

Juicing, mixed with some fruit and seeds can make the world of difference to your health.

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