1 million sperms fight to get into this world and only one makes it. The fight to exist.

You come into this world transiting through your mother’s body. You arrive and the first thing you do is scream for air. The fight for life. 

You fight or you die.

So what happens when you are told you have cancer? 

What is the only thing you know? 

You fight! Or you die!

You have spent a life in survival mode only to attract and prepare for a safe death. We need to change this.

We need to tune into another frequency of how to live.

But how to change?

Let's begin by talking about who you really are - your personality. It is made up of how you think, act and feel. Here is the first thing you need to take on board.

If you want to create lasting, valuable change in your life, you have to begin with changing how you think by becoming aware of what you think.

This is called Meta Cognition

Which emotions are you attached to and which belong to the past? If you are trying to change into someone better but are holding onto the past there will be a conflict.

One new habit to start today is journaling.

Write down emotions that keep you stuck to your past. The act of writing helps you to let go. It really works If you keep thinking of them, you will hold onto them. But more about this later.

Did you know that the brain doesn’t make the difference between a feeling in the past which is making you respond a certain way and something that is happening now. The hormonal effect is identical.

Your brain is reminding you of what happened in the past and warns you not to make the same mistake. It’s protecting you by keeping you in the same vibration. In fact it has programmed you. You will remain in fear of making the same mistake as a result your life is a mirror to how you feel.

Our brains evolved over millions of years and we keep strong connections to our earliest ancestors.

We still have something that has been given the name Reptilian brain. It's the survival brain.

Another part of your brain is your Frontal Cortex. Here you imagine and visualise. Good things and bad things. If you tune into this part of your brain a lot you are a visionary, as opposed to a realist. Both are fine, but you need to know where you are to avoid any vicious circle of thought that keeps you in “victim mode” for instance.

Habits can be your ticket to freedom, or your prison walls. Do you know someone who does this?

Wake-up, check Instagram, create a post, check your emails, get overwhelmed, feel deflated that your life is not as good as others. We need to change this by changing your vibration.


We will reprogram your brain to change but also, to change the frequency. 

This is so important as without it, you will just snap right back into the only way of thinking your brain knows, and you will just attract more of what you are trying to free yourself from.

You will create your future by seeing it and feeling it and visualising it!

You are going to play a part in your vision, you will feel the emotion of that vision. You will stimulate the neurones in your brain which will pave the way you think.

As your body starts to feel that emotion you will adapt to it. You body will take the posture of this feeling as if it has already happened. 

This is called Cognitive Dissonance

Together we will explore and learn how to speak the vibrational language of the universe 

To make positive, valuable change IRRESISTIBLE

For you. For your life now. For your healthy future.